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Violet CTP Imagers: FasTRAK-II, fully automatic 160-400pph; NewsXpress-II, fully automatic 140pph; Esprit-II, manual feed 50pph; Nautilus, commercial quality internal drum violet CTP. CTP Production Workflows: PrintExpress CPM V4, powerful production workflow customized to meet any production requirement; RipExpress-II Advanced Automation, complete & affordable workflow solution; PressRoom Manager, fanout compensation, cylinder alignment, plate annotations & production monitor; alfa CTP Workflow, basic production software.

PrintExpress Testimonials ...

"PrintExpress Ink Optimization has worked great for us, the seamless integration of this Plug-in into our PrintExpress system which supports 3 Print Sites and over a thousand color pages daily, is producing good color quality ink optimized pages with no overhead for processing. The configuration interface with sliders take the guess work out of setting the GCR and black replacement. Our savings has been around 20% to 25% reduction in ink cost with no degradation in color quality."
Ramin Kouchesfahani, IT Systems, Bay Area News Group, San Francisco, CA.

"I have worked with many applications over the past eleven years at The Boston Globe and PrintExpress has been as rock solid an application as I have ever worked with. Its reliability and speed help ensure that our press room has the plates they need when they need them. Due to the amount of commercial work we print beyond our own paper, PrintExpress remains one of our most critical applications. If we could not depend on it, we simply wouldn't use it. In the rare occasion we have needed support, Alfaquest support has been very responsive and thorough."
Mike Kwiatek, Software Engineer, the Boston Globe, Boston, MA.

"We have been using PrintExpress for a number of years. We produce four daily newspapers, Sunday color comics for a large number of other newspapers and a large volume of commercial work. We require a stable imposition platform that can process pages on tight deadlines. PrintExpress has been a rock solid solution for us. The system has a steep learning curve, but that is because it can do most anything you would ask of it. Once it is configured properly problems are rare. AlfaQuest's support for both configuration and troubleshooting is responsive and effective."
Jim Scharosch, System Administrator, Color Web Printers, Cedar Rapids, IA.

"The Dallas Morning News, along with sister papers the Providence Journal, Providence RI, and the Press Enterprise, Riverside CA, have been using alfaQuest's PrintExpress for many years and have been very pleased with the speed of throughput, reliability, stability, flexibility and support of this product."
Nigel Clowes, the Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX.

"We have been using PrintExpress as our CTP output management system for 8 years to automate our page flow and plate production workflows and it has exceeded our expectations. The system is reliable, redundant, and once setup requires very little administration. The software runs so well the only struggle is remembering how to troubleshoot and fix problems. We have averaged 100% up time with the software each year, 99.9 if you factor in hardware issues. From a client perspective the software is easy to use and it alleviates most of the manual intervention normally required with traditional output systems."
Julie Campbell, Lead Analyst, the Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH.

"The Ink Optimization software provided by Alfaquest was simple to install and configure. It integrated with our existing CTP output management system seamlessly, and there was no manual intervention or maintenance required once it was deployed. The ROI for this project was realized in less than six months through ink savings."
Larry Powell, Sr., Director of Production Operations, the Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH.

"We run the PrintExpress system on Sun based hardware and have done so for almost 20 years. We keep the current release of the software but have upgraded the hardware only two or three times in this time period The system has been very stable and very dependable for our workflow for the entire time. During the 'high-water' days we would average around 15,000 plates weekly. This system is a work horse. We're been pretty much self-sustaining on this product for years but great support is only a phone call away. I'm sure we'll move to the newer Windows PC or virtual based systems eventually but what we have has been rock solid."
Terry Duck, Production Director, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas, NV.

"The alfaQuest Ink Optimizer software works seamlessly in our work flow. It's easy to set up and use. The amount of ink savings is amazing. 30% ink savings is not out of the question."
Terry Duck, Production Director, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas, NV.

"Support from alfaQuest Technologies rates at the top of my list. Every software support person dreads the day they have a problem that involves two vendors and cannot get either one to solve the problem. Not the case with alfaQuest! Found a way to help me when it likely was not their problem. The staff is friendly and resourceful. The product is rock solid. Ten years running with hardly a hiccup and it flies on our Sun E15K."
Gregory McDonald, Publishing Systems Manager, Newsday Media, New York, NY.

"PrintExpress handles our peak loads with ease. It runs steady, solid and consistent - after configuring PrintExpress, you never need to think about it again."
Clint Wirtanen, Editorial Architect, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, CA.

"First and foremost, I'm most pleased that the Ink Optimization software plugs in unnoticed into our PrintExpress workflow. The other vendors that I looked at required workflow diversions into some other system to 'preflight' a PDF of the output page and return an optimized PDF back to the workflow. That simply was not a viable option for us because of legacy system issues."
Bob Hoch, Publishing Systems Manager the Wichita Eagle, Wichita, KS.

"PrintExpress has worked exceptionally well for us over the years. Files process quickly. The page pairing and merging features are great. Response time for customer support is quick and courteous."
Dave Bosserman, York Newspapers, York, PA.

"PrintExpress is a system that is essential to the production of our printed products. Trust is a huge factor in our industry due to the internal demands of production schedules and the external demands of our valued print readers and commercial partners. alfaQuest has earned our trust. alfaQuest has always provided a quality software solution that is supported by a knowledgable and dependable support staff."
Marty Finsley, IT Director, the Vindicator, Youngstown, OH.


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Think you know workflow? Less stress with PrintExpress! .............................. Need workflow? Don't settle for less than PrintExpress! .............................. Looking for workflow? Say "yes" to PrintExpress! .............................. Is it time to get a workflow solution? PrintExpress is the best! .............................. Got workflow? No? Time for PrintExpress ...
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Think you know workflow? Less stress with PrintExpress! .............................. Need workflow? Don't settle for less than PrintExpress! .............................. Looking for workflow? Say "yes" to PrintExpress! .............................. Is it time to get a workflow solution? PrintExpress is the best! .............................. Got workflow? No? Time for PrintExpress ...

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